Welcome to Yogaboogie, a class focused on transformational dance. I am often asked, what is Yogaboogie? … To which i most often reply, “its hard to explain without you coming to a class”. But now that i sit down to write, perhaps I can make a better fist of it by weaving in some of the journey. I have always been interested in movement, not just the kind we find in dance but the kind we find in everyday life. I have spent many an hour watching people walking by or going about their business. We all notice the way people do things. Some people have real purpose in their walk, others have a particular way of ordering food while another may be totally oblivious to the danger of their job.

There are an endless number of ways to do things in the world, often we are held back by lack of imagination or the courage to do what our imagination tells us. Sometimes we come across people that strike us not for what they are doing but for the way they do it, the spark which gives the deed its special flavour. In these people or at least in these moments there is a kind of joy that overtakes the action and it becomes less about the action than about the joy of participation. There is a special lightness in these moments/people that make it seem anything is possible!

I have always been interested in human behaviour and how freely it is expressed. I think we can all relate to times when we are held back by self consciousness or lack of trust to create and freely express our inner being on the dance floor when it’s all we wanted to do! I often think of the saying ‘dance like no one is watching’ … to me this is going about it the wrong way and cuts off half of our world, we don’t paint to never show it or write a poem to be left unheard. To me, just dancing without being watched is leaving out our friends and the outside world and its’ not challenging us to get over the self limiting patterns in our consciousness. Later in my teen years i became more interested in dance as an expression of individual freedom, its not for nothing that Nietzsche in his book Thus Spoke Zarathustra says he “would only believe in a God that knows how to dance!”. We could interpret this in a way by imagining that a God could do even the most complex dance with ease and grace.

The many years of people watching have given me a sense of the psychic element in body positions and movement along with a keen aversion to movements that didn’t feel authentic. I would challenge myself to be outlandish with or without being an overblown fool, i would try and be rhythmical and get in to grooves and let the body take over, always being on guard against lazy patterns. After a number of years i learned to move with the mood of a dance floor in high energy mode, blend in and experience the joy of dancing with people without the effort and energy i used in the past so that i could be relatively free of sweat, tiredness and aching muscles making it nice to wake up without soreness.

We can do all this in a class that is highly interactive and creative, a class where we work with spacing between each other, geometric patterns and timing sequences where laughter and concentration can coexist with life affirming ease.